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What is The Institute for Integrative Nutrition?

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) is an amazing , year long experience of self growth, reflection, and learning. It is the program that got me considering becoming a health coach and gave me the tools to do it. But it is also a great program for someone just wanting to become a healthier and happier person.

Although IIN does cover over 100 dietary theories, from vegan and raw to paleo and atkins, it's strength, in my opinion, is in its holistic and integrative approach. A core concept of IIN is the idea of primary foods being everything that is not on your plate: relationships, career, physical activity, and your connection to something greater than yourself (call it god, nature, or creative inspiration). If you are miserable in one or all of those areas, it does not matter how well you eat- you will not feel or be healthy and happy. And so IIN not only teaches about nutrition, with guest lecturers such as Dr. Andrew Weil and Mark Sisson and Walter Willet, MD PhD, but it also teaches about relationships and meditation, and financial health with people such as Doctor Harville Hendrix, and Doctor Lissa Rankin.

As you go through the IIN program you are guided through not only many different nutritional theories and their pros and cons, but you are also given the tools to gently evaluate and experiment with your own life and diet to find what actually nourishes you on all levels. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is seriously considering a career in the health or healing professions, as I find their approach is one that is well rounded and brings balance to many other fields, such as doctors, therapists, and nurses. I also recommend the program to anyone who is really ready to transform their life to be healthier and happier on all levels.

If you decide IIN is something you would like to explore please use my referral link to get access to a free sample class and a discount if you decide to enroll in the full program.

For full disclosure, I do receive a commission for referrals, but I also would not endorse a program I did not believe in. If you want to speak to me more about my experience with IIN please reach out!

This concept rings so true for me.

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