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What is the Gift Economy?

A New and different way to work with money.

Put simply, You Pay What Feels Right to You.

If you see a price it is a suggested price that reflects what is in line with industry standards and what I feel my services are worth and what most of my clientele can pay. But what you actually choose to pay is up to you. I do ask for a deposit for some services that I will give back to you during your session, or can be credited towards what you wish to pay. This is mainly as a way to ask that you honor the time I have set aside for you and show up.

It is important to me that my services remain accessible as we all are worthy of self care and healing.

Some guidelines as you consider what arrangement feels fair and do able for you:

Consider a sliding scale of $75-$100 an hour for my services,

and $100-$150 for a 90 minute Thai session.

I think you will find this is a very reasonable price compared to many in the industry.

If your income is 100k / year or more please consider paying $100/hour to help me keep my services accessible to all.

If $75 / hour is still a hardship for you please look within for what would feel like a fair energy exchange and make me a written proposal.

I will consider barter and trade on a case by case basis, as well as lower hourly rates for clients with exceptional need.

I am ready for a world to exist now where money is just one of many forms of energy exchange. And where financial inequity is not used to maintain the status quo and inhibit progress. That will only happen if we start living it, embodying and being the change we wish to see in the world.

Join me.

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