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Self massage & Stretching: Neck and shoulders

I miss you all! And I miss massaging! I just made my first self massage video for instagram. This one focuses on massage and stretches for the neck and shoulders, particularly the scalenes (you have three of them) and the trapezius muscle. Not sure if I am going to post every self massage video as a blog post as I don't want to overwhelm your inbox, but I will post each one on instagram and youtube so if you want to follow me on either of those platforms I'll try to give you something at least weekly there to keep those muscles moving! And if you want me to send them as blog posts send me a quick e mail saying so and if there seems to be a desire for that I will! Learning as I go what works in this age of Corona. It is all a big human experiment and WE are in the TOGETHER.

Some key things to help you get the most out of your self massage:

  • Try adding some gentle movement with the pressure.

  • Don't forget to breathe! And notice how the sensations and feeling stay shift as you breathe. Pretty cool isn't it?

  • It should feel good! Not painful. Yes, there is the "hurts so good" that you can still breathe through, but if you are wincing its time to either ease up or try a different spot.

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