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A New Year's Eve Reflection

The winter solstice has recently passed, the longest night of the year, and this year we were blessed with a full moon, making it extra potent. Now we are about to enter a new year, another point of transition, a time of beginnings and endings, letting go and setting intentions.

It has been a big year! Sometimes time flies by and we forget to take a moment to notice how we have grown and changed. Where were you this time last year? What has changed since last year? Who are the new people in your life? What old relationships have grown or shifted? What projects, career or personal did you embark on? What did you complete? What are you maybe just beginning? Take a moment and notice and appreciate all that the last year has been about. Life is hard work and we often don't give ourselves enough credit for all we have accomplished!

For me personally, this year has been full of some of the highest highs and also hardest growing pains of my life thus far. It has been a year of growing in my career and learning how to be an entrepreneur. It has been a year of feeling the joys of having clients who I can work with exactly how I want, doing work that makes my heart sing, and of learning that growing a business takes time and a lot of work!

It has been a year of feeling all the ways I am a work in a progress and pushing forward anyways. It has been a year of choosing trust and love and commitment, stepping forward into a new chapter with my fiancé, and wrestling with fears of what marriage means, grief about how this is the end of a chapter of my life, and leaning into the unknowns of how our two family systems will integrate and how my fiancé and I will create our own family.

It has been a year of looking my fears in the eye and choosing to speak my truth, and choosing to show strength through vulnerability, even in the face of contrast. It has been a year of sometimes feeling utterly alone, and then realizing the walls of isolation are really just creations of my mind. It has been a year that has humbled me to how much I still do not know and maybe can never know, and how in the end all we have is the present moment.

What has this year been for you?

Take a moment and reflect and notice and appreciate You. Share what your year has been about in the comments or with a friend.

What are you ready to let go of as we enter a new year? And what do you want to bring forward? How can you be kinder to yourself this coming year? And how can you make the world a kinder place? Perhaps what you allow for yourself is also the best gift you can give to the world.

Peace and blessings to each and every one of you on this new years eve. You are beautiful in your imperfection, and your light is your gift to the world. Shine it bright and don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

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