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Feel Good Fest 2018: Thai Yoga Bodywork

For me it is truly a meditation and a gift to be able to give it and receive it. And although I do not always share this with my clients, I begin and end every session with a prayer, and then I see my job as being to surrender to the process and the wisdom of the body that knows what is needed. It is very much an intuitive process for me and that is part of why I love it so much.

I also love how, unlike traditional massage, it introduces a lot of movement into the body. My teacher, Ariela Grodner, speaks of this as the winds, and how in every movement there is an expansion and a contraction, an in and an out. And so with each move, I feel the elements of earth and air, wind and water, fire and ether. And with these different elements we are always looking to bring things back to balance.

A Happy Customer!

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