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Cash and credit card accepted. 

By Appointment Only. 

Sliding scale prices are available ONLY at North Charleston Location.

If you don't know what to pay, please pay the top of the sliding scale and feel good knowing you are helping to keep my services accessible to all! 

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Try it for the experience. Return for the results.


A powerful ancient form of clothes on bodywork rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom and received on a floor mat.  

A full body reset that balances energy using acupressure points and meridian lines while also stretching and putting you in a state of deep relaxation.

Sliding scale price:

$70-$100 for 60 minutes (Downtown $100)

$100-$150 for 90 minutes (Downtown $150)

$150-$200 for 120 minutes (Downtown $200)

Pamper yourself with Full Body Relaxation.  

A lighter touch massage, generally full body with the focus being relaxation rather than therapeutic or neuromuscular goals. 

Sliding scale price:

$70 - $105 for 60 minutes (Downtown $105)

$105-$155 for 90 minutes (Downtown $155)

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, thai massage, craniosacral massage
Deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, thai massage, best massage ever, charleston sc massage

Focused work targeting specific areas of need. 

Using neuromuscular massage techniques and deeper pressure we can address specific areas of pain or tension. Depending on the treatment plan that we come up with together these sessions may or may not be full body.

Cupping and other massage tools may be integrated at no extra cost.


Sliding scale price:

$70-105 for 60 minutes (Downtown: $105)

$100-$155 for 90 minutes (Downtown: $155)

Craniosacral therapy, integrative massage, holistic massage, north charleston sc massage, charleston sc massage

Where Energy Work and Western Science meet.

A light touch modality, performed with clothes on on a table, that works with the whole body, supporting the nervous system and the body to heal. By tuning into the very subtle movements of fascia and the cranial sacral system (your brain, spinal cord, and the membrane and fluid that surround these precious organs), we help the body rebalance and self correct, often having profound positive impacts. Particularly helpful for those who suffer from headaches, jaw pain, chronic pain, or hyper aroused nervous systems. Perfect for the highly sensitive system.


Please wear comfortable clothes for your session.


Sliding scale price:

$70-$100 for 60 minutes (Downtown: $90)

$100-$150 for 90 minutes (Downtown: $140)

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Enjoy relaxation with your special person.


Perfect for valentines day, anniversaries, and honeymoons!

Couple's massages require advance notice and deposit to allow for schedule coordination between myself and another therapist.

Sliding scale price:

$150 - $200 for 60 minutes

$240 - $300 for 90 minutes

Distance Energy Healing to Support You

This is a roughly 30 to 60 minute distance energy healing session. I'll ask you to get comfortable in your own home, and focus on your breathing as I tune into your energy field, and set a clear and focused intention for your guides and my guides to come and help us align to your highest self, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 



Energy healing, massage therapy, local massage, craniosacral therapy, deep tissue massage
Thai massage, craniosacral therapy, energy work, integrative massage

An Open Public Event

Dances of universal peace is a practice of embodied prayer. Simple songs and circular dances with sacred phrases from many traditions are taught and used to help us connect in with the unity and Oneness within and the common threads that tie all paths togethers. 

These dances are practiced in circles around the world. I currently co lead them with Mandy on the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Unity Church at 2535 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405.

No experience is necessary. Just come with an open heart and mind and give it a try! There is a suggested donation of $10 but none are turned away.

*Pricing: Using a Sliding Scale

Working towards fair and equitable energy exchange

As I wish to make my services accessible, I offer a self determined sliding scale. Most people, unless in financial distress pay at the upper end of the sliding scale, knowing that their money is helping me continue to be able to offer my services at a lower rate to those in need. If you cringe at paying at the upper end but don't know what price is appropriate I suggest you pay in the middle; $85 for 60 min and $125 for 90 minutes. 

I charge by time, so there is no extra cost for aromatherapy, cupping, or the use of other massage tools. If travel or extra set up is required, such as for a couples massage, then sliding scale rates may be slightly higher. 

Whatever you choose, I write it on your intake form that you fill out at your first session and this then becomes Your Rate for future sessions, unless we have a conversation to change this rate. 

Gratuities at a 15 - 20% rate of your chosen price are not expected, but always appreciated. The finest compliment you can give me is a referral and a review! Google reviews are super helpful to help others find me!

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Flow State Healing

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Because of residential nature of location exact address will be shared after confirmed booking

Downtown Location: Lotus Healing Centre 232-A Ashley Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

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