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A new and different way to deal with money

What is the Gift Economy?

Put simply,You Pay What Feels Right to You

If you see price it is a suggested price that reflects what is in line with industry standards for what I offer. But what you actually choose to pay is up to you. I do ask for a $20 deposit that I will give back to you during your session, or can be credited towards what you wish to pay. This is mainly as a way to ask that you honor the time I have set aside for you and show up. 

Now if this concept boggles your mind, or leaves you unsure what is right or fair, read on to understand more and receive guidance.

For a long time I could not attract money to me. I knew I had something of value to offer the world and yet I kept getting stuck working $10 an hour jobs. For a while I made it work, using my ability to tap into and trust source energy to attract abundance, so I always had a roof over my head, love and community supporting me, and healthy delicious food in my belly. People often marveled how I lived the way I lived with so little money.

But it was stressful, always living close to the edge, not knowing if I would have enough money if my car broke down, etc. Although I somehow trusted the universe would take care of me as it always had. But I felt I never had enough money to give. Or support a family or a loved one. And I felt I was offering less than I was capable of to the world.

As this struggle with money began to feel more urgent the name Charles Eisentstein and the book he wrote called Sacred Economics began to enter my field. I had yet to read the book, but I knew it talked about a gift economy and a different way of doing things.

So one day I started journaling about my relationship to money. And I realized money, for me, represented a system of corruption, greed, separatism, and consumerism that I wanted no part of. It represented a tool for the power hungry, and an illegitimate and untrustworthy thing that we as society had chosen to represent value. And I say illegitimate because many of the most valuable things I had received in my life had not cost what I felt they should have, if money truly reflected value. 

Given that this is what I associated money with, of course I had not attracted money to me, but had instead attracted abundance in ways not tied to money. But my choice, and my own power to affect change was still limited by being unwilling to work with money.

So I asked myself, how could I work with money in a way that would feel good? What would a Gift Economy look like to me? (remember, I had not actually read Charles Eisenstein's work. I had only heard just enough to get my own wheels turning, which is sometimes all we need).

And here is what feels good to me and I ask you to try for yourself as you decide how much to pay me.

Give with Love, what you are able. 

Here are some guidelines.

Consider what you make for an hour of your work. And use that as a starting point. And if that is only $10 it is ok for you to only offer me $10 for an hour of my services. If you are that person making only $10 and hour read that again and really take it in. It is OK for you to only offer me $10 an hour. Because I want YOU, just as much as the next person, to be able to fully offer your gifts to the world. And because I know that not only do you suffer, but the world suffers as long as you are not able to fully embody all that you are capable of. And when you discover how you can make more in a way that feels good to you, then you can pay me more and pay it forward to the world.

And if you make $300 an hour consider paying me $300 an hour. Knowing that you are helping me be able to provide the same quality of service to those who can pay much less. And if you are hesitating, thinking that feels like a lot, I ask you to consider how much do you value your spiritual, emotional, and bodily health? Because you are paying me to help you in those areas. Do you value it less than the hour you spend doing whatever you do at your job?

Another question to consider is how much would someone have to pay you to make you want to do what I do? This brings me back to the fact that money does not accurately represent value in our current society. For example, when I worked in a a nursing home as a caregiver for $10/hour, giving loving care to our elders in their last stages of life, I kept thinking to myself, is the care of our loved ones in their last stage of life really only worth $10/hour?

So I am in the business of helping us all be able to more effectively work with energy and be more in alignment and in integrity with what is truly of value to us so that we can all live in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

I know. Its radical. But I am ready for that world to exist now and that will only happen if we start living it, embodying and being the change we wish to see in the world.

Join me.

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